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Symbols related to alternative investments and finding places to invest.

Alternative investments offer a wide range of ways to diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds. Below, we can help you find and research investment platforms across 9 different alternative asset classes. Scroll through or use the table of contents to jump straight to the asset class you’re most interested in.

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about alternative investments in general, take a look at our comprehensive introduction.

About this list

There are many new and emerging alternative investment platforms. This list will attempt to provide an aggregated list of them organized by their primary asset class. We will try to periodically add new platforms to the list as we discover them.

In order to easily provide information, each platform will be color coded based on whether it requires investors to be accredited.

Platforms in BLUE do not require investors to be accredited.

Platforms in PURPLE require that investors be accredited.

While we will always do our best to list legitimate and valuable investment platforms, we are not able to use and invest on every single one of these platforms first hand.

As always, it is important for you to do your own research and make independent investment decisions.

Art, Collectibles, And Culture

Equity Crowdfunding, Startup, And Venture Capital



Music Royalties

Private Credit

Real Estate

Renewable Energy

Wine, Whiskey, Spirits, And Alcohol

Bonus: Tools And Services

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