What Is The Asset Scholar Story?

Asset Scholar was founded on November 11, 2022 with the goal of creating a library of educational resources on investing in alternative asset classes.

Today, there’s a lot of ways to discover and learn about personal finance and the stock market. That’s great. Really trying to learn about alternatives is another story, however.

What opportunities are there? Where can you go to invest in these? What requirements are there (i.e. accreditation)? How do you invest? Exactly what are you investing in on these platforms? What should you expect in terms of liquidity? Are there fees? Is this platform legitimate?

These are common questions when exploring this space. Things work differently than investing in the stock market. While you can discover answers to these questions, it’s highly fragmented and of varying quality. That’s the gap that we’re aiming to bridge.

Our strategy at Asset Scholar is to prioritize creating educational content without exorbitant membership fees and paywalls. We’re making content that will help and be accessible to retail investors.

What Kinds Of Content Can You Expect To See?

We’re a new site, so we’re working on building out the foundational layer of content and functionality. Right now we are mainly focusing on:

  1. Overviews of different investment platforms
  2. News articles about what’s happening in the alternative investing world
  3. Improving our website and making it easier to stay engaged with new content we produce

We are also looking at building other types of content as well.

  1. Educational resources on asset classes
  2. Comparisons between different investing platforms
  3. General educational resources related to alternatives and investing at a higher level
  4. Analysis of different platforms’ reported returns and other non-news articles that might be interesting to our readers
  5. We will also eventually look at doing investment platform reviews
    • For an investment platform, reviews are almost always one of the most common searches.
    • We’re prioritizing building content that is educational and informative, rather than our opinion of “how good” a given platform is.

There are also some things we are planning NOT to do. We are making a conscious decision to avoid cryptocurrency. We’re open to cover platforms that use blockchain or cryptocurrency as a technology to provide an investment product, but we won’t cover specific cryptocurrencies or exchanges on this website.

As an example of this, Royal was one of the first platforms we covered. We’ve discussed them in news articles, as well as a full platform overview.

Who Are We?

Depicts the founder of assetscholar.com

Josh Heier


I’m a technology person by trade. My interest in learning about investing came from my parents. They worked long hours, weekends, and holidays, but always struggled to get ahead. I wanted to find a path that offered less stress and greater financial freedom.

I’ve been investing and learning for nearly a decade. I first started exploring investments in alternative asset classes in 2016. While it seems like there are endless educational resources on stocks, similar quality resources are much harder to find on alternatives.

After some initial experimentation on Medium, I launched assetscholar.com to help address this issue. I hope that Asset Scholar can be your go-to place to learn about different asset classes and how to get started investing in them.

This is also a reminder that everything on this website is for informational purposes. We are not qualified to make financial, investment, tax, or legal advice. Nothing on this site is ever intended to be taken as such advice.

Please, please remember to be careful with your own money and make your own investment decisions. We are here to help educate and guide you – give you options, but not to decide or advise. That will always sit on the shoulders of you or your financial advisor. This is also covered in our disclaimer page.