Alternative Investment Platform Database – See Where You Can Invest In Alternative Assets Right Now

Alternative investments offer a wide range of ways to diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds. Below, we can help you find and research investment platforms across 9 different alternative asset classes. Scroll through or use the table of contents to jump straight to the asset class you’re most interested in.

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about alternative investments in general, take a look at our comprehensive introduction.

About this list

There are many new and emerging alternative investment platforms. This list will attempt to provide an aggregated list of them organized by their primary asset class. We will try to periodically add new platforms to the list as we discover them.

In order to easily provide information, each platform will be color coded based on whether it requires investors to be accredited.

Platforms in BLUE do not require investors to be accredited.

Platforms in PURPLE require that investors be accredited.

While we will always do our best to list legitimate and valuable investment platforms, we are not able to use and invest on every single one of these platforms first hand.

As always, it is important for you to do your own research and make independent investment decisions.

Art, Collectibles, And Culture


Platform Description

Alt is a platform for finding, tracking, and trading investment-grade cards. The platform supports a range of different types of cards including all major sports and Pokemon.


Platform Description

ARTSPLIT is a fractional investment platform focused on creating offerings from African artists. It features an auction market for purchasing shares of new offerings as well as a secondary market for buying and selling shares of previous offerings.

Diamond Standard

Platform Description

Diamond Standard is an investment platform that aims to turn diamonds into a commodity for investment like gold. They are creating both a blockchain-backed investment platform, as well. as standardized diamond commodities like “coins” or “bars.”

Non-accredited investors can participate in the commodities offerings, while participation in their Diamond Fund requires accreditation. The minimum investment is $5000.


Platform Description

Elephants is a new platform for investing in luxury watches. The company fractionalization acquired watches on the blockchain, handles selling shares, and also manages storage and insurance for the assets.

The company is based out of Switzerland, so their offerings are not SEC-qualified and the platform’s native currency is CHF. The minimum investment is 250 CHF, which is currently equivalent to about $286.


Platform Description

Investables is a new platform that sources and fractionalizes different collectible assets. They then create offerings with a $100 minimum investment. So far the platform has several watch collections and one piece of artwork.


Platform Description

Masterworks is a platform that specializes in fractionalized investing in fine art pieces. What does that mean exactly?

Most works of fine art are expensive. Like, millions of dollars expensive. That meant that historically the investment opportunity was only available to the ultra wealthy.

With Masterworks, they vet potential art deals, purchase works that match their key criteria, and then offer them for investment on their platform starting at $500. They are also responsible for the management of the asset, including periodic appraisals, and potential sales.

Comprehensive Masterworks Overview

Platform Description is an investment platform mainly focused on stocks and cryptocurrencies. However, last year they acquired Otis and have since integrated its offerings into the platform. Otis focused on providing fractional investment opportunities for collectible assets like art, sports memorabilia, and Hermes Birkin bags. Public currently has a variety of assets available for purchase, with share prices mostly below $25.


Platform Description

Rally allows investors to purchase shares of collectible assets across 6 different categories – Memorabilia, Books + Art, Cars, Watches + luxury, and Wine + Whisky. There is a primary market for new asset IPOs, as well as a secondary market to buy and sell shares of previously launched assets. The minimum investment can be as low as a few dollars or $100+, depending on the asset.

Equity Crowdfunding, Startup, And Venture Capital


Platform Description

AngelList is a unique venture investing platform for accredited investors. They provide a variety of offerings with Venture Funds, Syndicates, Demo Day Funds, and more. These provide opportunities to invest in both individual deals, as well as funds that will invest in multiple venture deals. Investment minimums for Syndicates will vary based on the deal, but could be as low as $1000. For the Funds, minimums are often much higher. This can range from $25K to $500K+.

Harvest Returns

Platform Description

Harvest Returns is a crowdfunding platform focused on farming and agricultural businesses. The offerings on the platform within that category. A couple of recent examples include a company that produces Pine Needle Extract, as well as a biotechnology company trying to use modified RNAs to help control pests. Deal structures also vary, including things like convertible notes and debt.

Harvest Returns does not technically require investors to be accredited to use the website. However, they do say that most of their opportunities are only for accredited investors. Even those that aren’t only allow for a “limited number” of non-accredited investors to participate.

Investment minimums vary, but can be as low as $5-$10K.


Platform Description

Netcapital is an equity crowdfunding platform open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Through the platform, investors can purchase shares of private companies for as little as $99.


Platform Description

Republic is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows investors to invest in startups and other assets. The majority of offerings on Republic are startup companies and are open to all investors. These investments typically have low minimums of $100.

Republic also has startup investment opportunities that are exclusive to accredited investors. The minimum investments there start at $750 and go to $5,000+.

Republic also has investment opportunities for cultural assets, real estate, and other venture opportunities like video game publishing revenue shares.


Platform Description

StartEngine is a large equity crowdfunding funding platform for investing in startups. They also have a small set of offerings in the collectibles space as well. The minimum investment threshold varies greatly from offering to offering. It could be as low as $150 for one company and $500+ for another.

One unique aspect of StartEngine is their “Owners Bonus.” It is a yearly subscription that provides 10% bonus shares on participating offerings, lower fees, and other benefits.


Platform Description

WebStreet is a unique investing platform that we don’t quite have a category for, so we’re including it with venture capital.

WebStreet allows investors to purchase fractional ownership of a portfolio of online businesses. Investments are based on funds with each containing multiple businesses and a portfolio manager. That manager actually oversees the business operations of the companies in the portfolio. This arrangement allows for passive investment into businesses focused on things like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing which would typically require active participation to profit from. Minimum investments vary between deals, but typically range from $10K to $50K.


Platform Description

This equity crowdfunding platform sees strong deal flow for startup investments and venture financing opportunities. The minimum investments on Wefunder also vary from deal to deal, but is most commonly $100.

Wefunder also sees opportunities to invest in things like independent movies. These typically offer investors a specific revenue sharing agreement in the project, rather than equity in a company.



Platform Description

AcreTrader is an investment platform offering fractional investing opportunities in both farmland and timberland.

AcreTrader has farmland offerings that focus primarily on US row crops. However, there are some offerings for permanent crop types and farmland opportunities outside of the US. Timberland is a newer addition to the platform, but there have been consistent opportunities in the US Southeast.

The minimum investment varies based on the offering. It is typically around $15,000, but on rare occasions has been below $10,000.

Comprehensive AcreTrader Overview


Platform Description

Farmfolio hosts fractional farmland investing opportunities from Latin America. These offerings have very high minimums $40K+ and are a little bit different than the typical investment structure. Rather than simply buying shares in an LLC like with AcreTrader, you’re purchasing a subdivision of the farm and becoming a member of an owners association for the farm.


Platform Description

FarmTogether is a platform exclusively focused on investing in farmland. There are 4 different product offerings for accredited investors.

  1. Crowdfunded Offerings ($15K min)
  2. Sustainable Farmland Fund ($100K min)
  3. Sole Ownership Bespoke Program ($1M min)
  4. 1031 Exchange ($1M min)

While FarmTogether has both row crop and permanent crop offerings, FarmTogether’s crowdfunded offerings tend to focus more on permanent crops.

Comprehensive FarmTogether Overview



Platform Description

Franshares is a new investment platform that aims to allow for fractional investing in franchise locations.

High-quality franchises have long been profitable businesses with strong cash flow. Franchise contracts are governed by the FTC and provide potential investors with a lot of important information about the business. Franchise locations also get to benefit from a brand that is either already established or is being established by someone else.

While franchises like Supercuts or McDonald’s can be great businesses, the startup costs have greatly limited participation. For example, opening a McDonald’s can easily top $1M in costs. Franshares has a minimum investment of only $500 and allows for a completely passive experience for investors (no employee schedules to manage).

Music Royalties

ANote Music

Platform Overview

Anote Music is an investment platform based out of Europe for investing in shares of music royalty producing assets. This allows for yield and passive income as songs are streamed by others.

Like a few other emerging platforms, they allow you to buy shares of the music royalty catalog, as opposed to having to cough up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy one. The price per share varies based on the listing, but start as low as around €7.

ANote Music has both a primary and secondary marketplace. About once every two months a new listing debuts. It first goes through an auction phase on the primary market. Afterwards, shares can be traded on the secondary market. This is one of the only two fractional music royalty investing platforms that have a secondary market.

In their year-end update, ANote Music shared a few encouraging statistics about their emerging platform. First, 91% of investors that have invested on the platform for 6 months or more were profitable. Second, 9.63% was the average (annualized) return on the platform in 2022.

Comprehensive ANote Music Overview

ANote Music Referral Code

If you register with this ANote Music referral link or use the code dc588c while registering, you can get a €25 bonus. To be eligible for the bonus, you must open your account using our referral link or code, confirm your identity, and successfully invest €200 on the platform.


Platform Overview

JKBX is a band new music royalty investment platform. It aims to provide fractional, SEC-qualified investments in the royalty streams of hit songs and recognizable artists. The offerings are open to non-accredited investors and appear to support an investment minimum as low as $20.


Platform Description

MITA is an upcoming music royalty investment platform. While it hasn’t launched yet, it promises to have SEC-qualified offerings, fractional investment opportunities, and a secondary market. It sounds like it could effectively be a cross between SongVest and Royal.


Platform Description

Royal is a developing investing platform for streaming music royalties and exclusive perks. Periodically, Royal will have “drops” for new music royalty NFT assets. Investors are able to purchase tokens that entitle them to a share of music royalties and different perks. Tokens are divided into multiple tiers with the higher tiers having fewer tokens, but a higher ownership stake of the royalty earnings and more perks.

Royal is the most crypto-centric music royalty investing platform covered here. The assets being invested in are actual NFTs that can be transferred to other wallets. It is based on the Polygon blockchain. Despite being more crypto-oriented, it is also accessible to those without experience with cryptocurrency.

Comprehensive Royal Overview

Royalty Exchange

Platform Description

Royalty Exchange is one of the first names you’ll come across for investing in music royalties.

It has both a “primary” and “secondary” marketplace called the eXchange. You can purchase new listings from the eXchange. You can also purchase previously sold listings, or sell your own prior purchases to other investors.

Price discovery is similar to eBay. Some items have a “buy now” price, while others do not. In most cases, listings will sell based on bidding rather than directly paying the listing price.

Comprehensive Royalty Exchange Overview


Platform Overview

SongVest is an investment platform with SEC-qualified opportunities for investing in shares of music royalty producing assets. This allows for yield and passive income as songs are played. This can include them being streamed by others, as well as from their inclusion in TV shows and movies.

SongVest’s “SongShares” allow investors to have fractional investment in a catalog of music that generates royalty payments. Without the ability to buy shares of the music catalog, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy one. The price per share varies based on the offering, but generally ranges from $100-$150.

Comprehensive SongVest Overview


Platform Overview

sliceNote is one of the newest music royalty investing platforms. It hosts a marketplace of data-driven offerings. This includes both music royalty funds with a minimum investment of $25K, as well as individual artist opportunities with variable minimums. The smallest investment size we have seen on the platform is around $500 for a single “slice.”

Private Credit


Platform Description

Edly is a platform for student loan investments. Specifically, Edly offers students a non-traditional way to receive college loan financing. Rather than taking out 5 or 6 figures of debt, they agree to provide a certain amount of their future earnings back to investors over a fixed timeframe. The arrangements are designed to provide investors with an acceptable rate of return, while allowing students to avoid heavy loan burdens and with compound interest. The minimum investment is $5000.


Finlete is an upcoming investment platform for making fractional investments into income sharing agreements with young, professional athletes.

Fund That Flip

Platform Description

Fund That Flip is an investment platform similar to Groundfloor. It specializes in real estate debt investments, often for fix-and-flip projects. For a minimum investment as low as $1K, accredited investors explore a range of investments for passive income and yield.


Platform Description

Groundfloor is a unique, emerging alternative investing platform focused around real estate. They basically have 3 investment products:

  1. Groundfloor’s LRO loan offerings
  2. Groundfloor Notes
  3. Groundfloor Labs

The LRO offerings allow investors to buy shares of real estate loans for a minimum investment of $10. These loans are secured by a first lien position on the underlying real estate asset. This means that Groundfloor can foreclose on the property to recoup investor principal. That adds a layer of protection to these debt offerings that have an annualized yield of between 7-15%, depending on the risk level.

Groundfloor Notes allow accredited investors to lend money to Groundfloor itself to support the activities of the investment platform.

Groundfloor Labs is an MVP-style offering for testing and incubating new types of product offerings. So far this has included things like factoring advances and construction equity. This is available to accredited investors and shareholders of Groundfloor.

Comprehensive Groundfloor Overview

Groundfloor Referral code

This Groundfloor referral link currently provides $100 in bonus cash after making $1000 in investments on the platform.

Honeycomb Credit

Platform Description

Honeycomb Credit is a crowdfunding platform open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. For as little as $100, investors can purchase shares of debt investments supporting the funding of small businesses. Loans on the platform typically have a 5 year duration and provide quarterly payments.


Platform Description

Kickfurther is a very unique way to invest in inventory financing. Through their “Co-ops” you effectively pre-purchase inventory from a company looking to raise funds on their marketplace. That company will use the money to actually procure and sell the inventory, with the goal being that it is sold at enough of a premium that you both profit from it.

There are some interesting quirks with this – such as the fact that companies can actually close their obligations to you by sending you inventory (since you technically purchased it). Make sure to read the “Affirmations” section when signing up very carefully to make sure this platform aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.


Platform Description

LexShares is an investment platform for accredited investors to invest in litigation financing opportunities. These are extremely high risk financing offerings that can produce meaningful returns if the case prevails in court.

Comprehensive LexShares Overview


Platform Description

Mainvest is a crowdfunding platform that connects investors with small and local businesses. For as little as $100, investors can purchase revenue sharing notes to earn interest over time on their debt investments.


Platform Description

PeerStreet is a platform for investing in real estate debt. The platform has a minimum investment of $1000 and has a variety of tools and data to support either manual or automated investment approaches.

PeerStreet is currently going through a messy bankruptcy that also features their lawyers arguing in the best interest of the company rather than the users that invested through it. This Business Insider article is a great source for more context.


Platform Description

Percent is an investment platform for private credit opportunities. Investors can get started for as little as $500 in their opportunities. There are a wide range of offerings including things like consumer loans, residential mortgages, and auto leases from across the globe.


Platform Description

Prosper allows you to invest in a variety of personal loans for as little as $25. These loans feature varying interest rates and credit worthiness and help to support things like loan consolidation for individual borrowers.


Platform Description

SMBX is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to purchase shares of “Small Business Bonds” for as little as $10.


Platform Description

Steward allows investors to earn yield from loans given to small, independent farms and businesses in the agricultural industry. Steward is a certified B company that aims to promote sustainable and regenerative food production practices through its investment platform.

Investors can contribute to the evergreen Steward Regenerative Capital fund for a minimum of $100. There are also fractional investment opportunities for individual opportunities.

Untapped Global

Platform Description

Untapped Global allows investors to participate in a fund that provides loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the developing world. This provides investors with yield while also helping to support economic development and jobs. The minimum investment is $300.

Xsolla Funding

Platform Description

Xsolla is primarily a company that provides services, tools, and products for the video game industry. However, Xsolla Funding provides approved investors with access to make revenue sharing investments in upcoming video game projects.


Platform Description

Yieldstreet offers a variety of investment opportunities, primarily across different types of lending, debt, or financing arrangements. They have an evergreen, “Prism Fund” that is open to non-accredited investors with a minimum investment of $10K. They also have various investments with limited time and capacity available to accredited investors. These sometimes extend into equity for other asset classes like art and have variable minimums that can exceed the $10K floor from the Prism Fund.

Real Estate


Platform Description

Ark7 is a platform for fractional investing in rental housing units. The platform provides investment opportunities in single family housing, multi-family housing, and townhomes.

The price per share varies between properties. For the listings that are available to all investors, they have been standardizing on $20/share.

The properties have a 1 year holding period. After that, shares will be available to buy and sell on the secondary market. This is something that helps set Ark7 apart from some of the other platforms on this list.

Ark7 Referral Code

If you sign up this Ark7 referral link, you’ll get a $150 bonus after making $3,000 of investments.

Arrived Homes

Platform Description

Arrived Homes acquires rental homes and offers the opportunity for investors to own a piece of them. There are photos of the individual home provided, as well as the general location, information about the market, and general expectations for dividend yield and appreciation.

Shares of a property are $10 a piece, with a minimum investment of $100. There are typically invites to invest in new properties at least once or twice a month with multiple properties in different markets and geographic regions available.

Arrived Homes usually targets a 5–7 year holding period for long term rental properties and seeks tenants for two year rental leases to minimize costs for tenant turnover. There are also short-term rental properties in popular vacation destinations available on the platform.


Platform Description

Cadre provides commercial real estate investment opportunities in a few different forms. There are individual deals. The minimum investments vary based on the deal with the lowest amount being $25K. We’ve seen deals with minimums as high as $75K though. There are also a few fund-style investment options available as well with minimums between $10K and $50K.


Platform Description

Concreit is a simple, fractional real estate investment platform with a few twists. First, they are SEC-registered investment advisors. Second, the company claims they can typically process withdrawl requests within a week.

One of the ways this is possible is the construction of the investment fund available through the platform. It is predominantly short-term, secured debt with only a smaller portion being illiquid equity. The website references a 75/25 split explaining this for reference, but the actual makeup at any given time could differ.


Platform Description

CrowdStreet provides access to commercial real estate opportunities. These come in the form of individual deals, fund-style investments, or even a professionally managed account. The fund-style investments have a $25K minimum.

Before investing on the platform, we’d recommend reading at least this Wall Street Journal article.


Platform Description

DiversyFund is a fractional real estate investing platform that specifically focuses on multifamily residential opportunities. They have fund-style offerings as well as individual opportunities. For a Growth REIT fund, the minimum investment is $500. For other investments the minimum is either $25K or $50K.


Platform Description

Doorvest is a platform for making the process of purchasing and managing an investment property as passive as possible.

You register, customize your investment criteria, and pay a small deposit. After that, Doorvest will match you with investment property opportunities. They’ll also buy the home, renovate it, and lease it while you work on closing the transaction. After the transaction completes, they’ll manage the property too. You’ll be able to track the property, receive income, and access tax documents all from within their investor portal.

The minimum investment is $45K (remember you’re buying a whole property).


Platform Description

EquityMultiple provides a variety of investment opportunities across their Keep, Earn, and Grow products. Unlike many other platforms, their offerings are generally centered around commercial real estate opportunities. The minimum investments vary from $5K-$25K.

First National Realty Partners

Platform Description

First National Realty Partners (FNRP) is a platform for investing in commercial real estate. Specifically, they target strategic industrial buildings, multifamily homes, and shopping centers anchored by grocery stores. The platform does require investors be accredited to participate in any of their deals. It boasts a hefty $50K investment minimum.


Platform Description

Fractional is a unique platform for making fractional investments into real estate properties. The platform is for investors to find co-owners to make and manage real estate investments. In some sense, it is more similar to TribeVest than to something like Arrived Homes. The minimum investment is $5K.


Platform Description

Fundhomes is a new platform with fractional opportunities in vacation rental properties starting from $50.


Platform Description

Fundrise is one of the older and larger real estate investing platforms. Since the platform has been around for some time, there is more data about the performance of the platform over time and in different market conditions.

The investment experience with Fundrise is much closer to an auto investing solution. Your portfolio will consist of different funds; those funds consist of a variety of properties or, occasionally real estate financing arrangements which are used to generate yield.

Customization is very limited. In order to tailor what funds your investment dollars go into, you’ll need your account level to be “Core” which requires a $5,000 investment. Once you reach Core, you can choose the investment goal of your portfolio — Income, Balanced, or Growth. You’ll also be able to review the list of funds on the website and invest directly into them at the Core level.

The minimum to get started is $10. With the platform being more of a managed and automated, Fundrise does collect fees for advisory and asset management, totaling up to 1% per year.

Fundrise Referral Code

If you join using this Fundrise referral link you will receive $50 in shares when you sign up.


Platform Description

HappyNest is an app-based investment platform focusing on commercial real estate. It features a minimum investment of $10 and has some features found in “robo” investing platforms for stocks. One example is the ability to link a credit or debit card and “round up” purchases to the nearest dollar as micro contributions to your HappyNest investment account.


Platform Description

HoneyBricks provides a blockchain-based fractional investment platform for commercial real estate offerings. The minimum investment can be as low as $1000, but may be higher for specific opportunities.


Platform Description

Here is a very new investment platform that focuses on short term rental (STR) properties in popular vacation destinations. These assets make money primarily from services like Airbnb.

The investment experience with Here is somewhat similar to Arrived Homes. Periodically, a new property will be listed on the platform. They’ll provide some information on it such as the average STR income in different months and some grades for different characteristics of the market the property is in (e.g. seasonality). They will also provide all the information you’d expect to see on an Airbnb listing — photos, how many bedrooms, and what amenities it has.

Shares are $1 and the minimum investment for any given property is $100. The properties are listed on the website in advance. After some time, the offering will be live for investments.

Comprehensive Here Real Estate Overview


Platform Description

Homebase is a new, crypto-centric fractionalized real estate investing platform. The product is crypto-oriented enough that they have “Crypto Basics” and information about setting up Solana wallets in their help documentation.

After creating an account, Homebase requires users to self-certify their accreditation status. They state the minimum investment is as low as $100, however their latest offering had a $2K minimum.


Platform Description

Landa is an app-only investment experience most similar to Arrived Homes. It provides a list of properties you can buy a share of. Right now, almost all the properties are in different markets in Georgia, but they have listed a few from New York City with Jacksonville coming soon.

From the app you can see the list of available properties. For a given property, they provide some photos, basic characteristics (size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms), as well as some of the financial information for the property. It will also sometimes show updates like rent being paid or maintenance requests.

From the app, you have the ability to buy shares of a property. The minimum investment is around $5, but varies based on the property.

Landa Referral Code

Sign up using this Landa referral link or code “JOSHUA1735” to earn a free share of a property listed on Landa.


Platform Description

Lofty is a blockchain-based fractional real estate investing platform. Properties are listed onto the marketplace and investors can buy tokens starting from $50/share. The tokens are intended to correspond to a share of the LLC that owns the property.

The management of the properties is also based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means rather than Lofty making property management decisions, the token holders will vote to determine a course of action. This, to some extent, makes Lofty closer to a third party that hosts the marketplace and is facilitating and organizing the management decisions of the properties.

Unlike many of its peers, many of the listings on Lofty are older properties, as opposed to new construction. Lofty also features a secondary market for buying and selling shares.

It’s also worth noting that Lofy is one of the more crypto-oriented platforms for investing in this type of asset class. For example, you can connect an Algo Wallet and use Algorand on the platform. Buying property shares on the secondary market with USD (as opposed to Algorand) has only been supported since November of 2022.

Lofty Referral Code

Sign up using this Lofty referral link to get $25 in credit to your account. In order to qualify, you’ll need to invest in a property on the platform and hold all the tokens purchased for 90 days. In other words, to be eligible for the bonus, you have to make your first investment and you can’t sell it on the secondary market until at least 90 days after the transactions settle.

Nada Cityfunds

Platform Description

Nada is a fractionalized real estate platform with a different approach. Rather than investing in shares of individual properties or broad real estate funds, they have cityfunds. This allows for investing in a diversified fund of real estate equity in a single, specific metropolitan area.

RAD Diversified

Platform Description

RAD Diversified is a private REIT that focuses on fixer-upper homes. Investments are currently limited to accredited investors (though there is a waitlist for non-accredited investors) and have a $10K minimum.


Platform Description

reAlpha is a new platform for making fractional investments into vocational rental properties that will be listed on sites like Airbnb. reAlpha says that they have a unique advantage finding excellent properties through the use of their proprietary AI technology. Their first offering features a $500 minimum investment.


Platform Description

RealtyMogul is a commercial real estate investment platform for accredited investors. They currently have 2 different types of REIT investments alongside individual opportunities across both debt and equity. These opportunities can be for specific projects or interest in other diversified funds.


Platform Description

Roofstock is a platform to make it easier to purchase single-family rental investment properties online. Their marketplace combines listings that are exclusive to the platform with public listings that they screen. You can use a powerful set of filters to find the exact type of property that you’re looking for. Once you do, Roofstock provides a set of customizable financial projections for each property to help you decide if it’s the right one.

You can purchase properties directly on the platform. Roofstock will provide you an agent to help through the process and charge a fee. You can also use Roofstock’s related businesses as a property manager and to help track expenses and documents.

Roofstock One

Platform Description

With Roofstock One, you can buy into different “tracking funds” that hold individual properties. The funds are generally categorized by region (e.g. Atlanta and Alabama could be a fund). You are only able to see some very basic details about the properties in the fund.

The current minimum investment size for Roofstock One is $5,000.

In mid July Roofstock announced that they would wind down their Roofstock One offering and stop accepting new investments.


SliceSpace is an upcoming investment platform for fractional offerings of commercial real estate properties. This looks to be a crypto/blockchain-oriented platform with the fractional “Slices” being tokens on the Algorand blockchain. This could be a similar structure to what Lofty has in place.

Renewable Energy


Platform Description

Energea is an investment platform for renewable energy projects. The projects are organized into thematic portfolios based on location. All portfolios are managed by the Energea team.

Currently it is possible to invest in solar portfolios for the USA, Africa, and Brazil. The minimum investment size is $100.

Comprehensive Energea Overview

Legends Solar

Legends Solar wan an upcoming investment platform for solar energy investments. They were aiming to provide fractional investments into rooftop solar deployments on commercial properties within the United States.

Unfortunately, at the end of February, Legends announced they were shutting down operations.

The Sun Exchange

Platform Description

The Sun Exchange is a crowdfunding platform for solar energy projects in South Africa. Investors can purchase shares of solar cells during the crowdsales and earn monthly income. These Earnings are delivered to your wallet on the site, but require you to choose between payments of BTC or ZAR (South African Rand).

Wine, Whiskey, Spirits, And Alcohol


Platform Description

CaskX is a platform that connects whiskey distilleries with investors. Through CaskX, investors purchase casks (filled with the whiskey) from the distilleries. This provides distilleries with revenue and investors an asset that will grow better, and should appreciate, with age.

CaskX is only available to accredited investors and has variable minimum investments depending on the age of barrels being purchased.

House Of Rare

Platform Description

House Of Rare is a company with a relatively unpolished website that allows investors to purchase casks of ultra premium tequila. Initial investments are structured based on a 3 year initial investment term. After the 3 years there are various options to exit the investment, or to continue to hold them.

These is also a secondary market. Each cask is represented by a digital ownership certificate, which is effectively an NFT. The NFT’s value changes as the barrels age and can be traded on their marketplace.


Platform Description

Vinovest offers two different types of accounts — managed and trading. They provide safe storage and insurance for all customers. You also directly own all the bottles of wine in your account.

Vinovest Referral Code

If you register with our Vinovest referral link, you’ll get 3 months without any fees.

Comprehensive Vinovest Overview


Platform Description

Vint periodically offers different wine and spirit collections for investment. Investors buy shares of the collection. Vint claims to be the only SEC-qualified wine investing platform. All collections are safely stored and insured by Vint.

Most collections start at $100, but some have offered shares as low as $10.

Comprehensive Vint Overview


Platform Description

WineFi is a new wine investment platform launching out of the UK. Their offerings appear similar to Vint’s with collections of wine that are available for fractional investments. The WineFi team sources, stores, and manages the underlying bottles in the portfolio in exchange for a fee.

If you register on the platform, you may be able to gain early access to their offerings. Given how new the platform is and the limited amount of details immediately available on the website, we’re. not sure what the minimum investments will typically be and who is eligible to invest.

Bonus: Tools And Services


KingsCrowd is a research and portfolio tracking tracking tool for equity crowdfunding investments. Their portfolio tracking is available for free, while the investment research part of the platform requires a paid monthly subscription.

From our experience, KingsCrowd is the best tool we’ve discovered for tracking these types of investments. Once you get several dozen of them, it becomes more important to track things like portfolio diversity.

Parallel Markets

Parallel Markets is an accreditation service that is trusted and accepted by many platforms.

Many alternative investment platforms either require investors to be accredited to use them at all, or have accredited-only offerings. The process of verifying this varies, but can oftentimes require having to upload multiple years of tax documents. For anyone investing across multiple platforms or trying to join a new one this is a hassle.

That’s where Parallel Markets comes in. You can provide them with your information and they will provide a verification letter that you can download as a PDF. That letter can then be given to various investment platforms to verify your accreditation status. From our experience, using these letters has resulted in quick and painless verification and approval onto the platforms.

Each individual letter is only valid for 3 months, but it is easy to update and renew them after they have expired.


ProjectionLab is a powerful tool for planning and simulating your financial future and goals. It can also be used to track your progress over time. ProjectionLab is a paid service, but in exchange they don’t sell your information.

They have monthly plans starting from $9 with a 7 day free trial. If you’d prefer a lifetime deal, they have that available as well for $520. The lifetime also allows you to self-host an instance of ProjectionLab yourself if you want to maintain maximum privacy over any financial data you provide to the tool.

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