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It’s Here – Alternative Investment News Roundup From The Week of June 11th

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This was a relatively quiet week, but here’s our roundup of stories that caught our attention for the week. Rather than order things alphabetically, we’ll start with the more interesting stories and work our way through.


Royal recently announced they made a new tool available to help artists value their music. The Song Valuation Calculator uses data pulled from Spotify and some standard assumptions to come up with a valuation. They don’t provide all of the details on how they’re arriving at the calculation though. We’re especially curious how they’re accounting for streams from other services like Apple Music.

In case anyone is wondering, the calculator pegs Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer at ~$26M valuation and expects it to have generated over $900K in royalties from the past 6 months.


We first spotted Landa’s new offering for investing in mortgages back in May. They’ve since ramped up to almost $200K in funds and given their first mortgage. The first mortgage issued was actually for a property already available for investment on the platform – 107 Oakwood Circle.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for whether Landa continues to use the funds raised through their Lend offering to provide mortgages for real estate offerings on the platform.

Additionally, while we haven’t seen any announcements about it, it looks like you can finally use Landa from a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer. Previously any links would always direct you to download the app. For browsing and comparing dozens of offerings, the new web access makes things much easier.


AcreTrader announced a new partnership with Gridline. Gridline claims to help individuals invest with “top” private equity fund managers. As far as we can tell, the impact is mainly to make AcreTrader’s offerings more accessible to investors on the Gridline platform.


The company teased an opportunity to invest directly in the company itself in the coming days.

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