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See Alternative Investment News From The Week Of June 4th

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AcreTrader announced in a tweet that they had received certification from Leading Harvest. Leading Harvest is an organization focused on sustainable agriculture. They provide a framework and auditing for certification based on 13 sustainability principles.

For anyone that values ESG or is looking for impact investing within the alternatives space, AcreTrader investments are now an even more interesting option.


After about a year of delay, Here finally filed their Form C. This has allowed them to move forward with their Wefunder raise and convert reservations into funding commitments.

They’ve also altered the terms with the formal launch of the campaign. While they previously had listed an uncapped SAFE with no discount, they now have a $30M valuation cap.

This is arguably a bit on the high side given that Arrived is raising at a $100M pre-money valuation. Arrived has successfully launched 250 more real estate offerings than Here and also has a more diverse product line with both vacation rentals and residential real estate offerings.

All that having been said, the Wefunder campaign now lists just over $2M as the total raised. That’s enough to make a meaningful difference given the size of funding they have received so far.

Honeycomb Credit

This is actually a story from last week that we missed given the timing of our end of May roundup. Honeycomb is celebrating their 5 year anniversary. Throughout the month of June they will be running various promotions to celebrate. If you use this link to provide them some feedback by June 14, you’ll have a chance to win $500 in your Honeycomb Wallet.


The team at Landa announced on Twitter that they had made significant improvements to the speed of their app. From our limited testing, the performance improvements appear to be noticeable. Since you can only access Landa through the app, this is a welcome quality of life change for investors.

In an email to investors they also noted that Landa investors have received about $610K in dividends over the past month. June led the way with $96K in payouts, a significant jump from the $18.5K they delivered in July of last year. This is no surprise though given how much their property offerings have expanded over that time.


In an email to investors, Percent announced that their major UI update will be available from June 13th. The update aims to address more than just aesthetics, including new features and functionality for investors.

It’s potentially good timing for the company as well. An article from Forbes details the changes in asset allocations family offices managing ~$500B in net worth are making. Private credit (along with other fixed income) is one of the areas seeing growth in allocations as financial conditions continue to shift.


We recently covered an announcement from the Masterworks team that they were opening an art gallery where their works would be on display. Rally, not to be out done, has followed suit. In an announcement on Twitter, they shared that they had built a museum to house the unique items available on the platform. It’s located at 445 Broadway in New York City.

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