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A Useful Collection Of Small News From The Week Of May 14th

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Arrived Homes

Based on the communication for their upcoming May 23 webinar, it looks like the Catskills region of Southern New York state will be the next vacation rental market. The Billingswood looks poised to be the first offering in that market.

No offense to The Catskills, but I imagine that it is a location that wouldn’t be top-of-mind to pretty much anyone you asked to name interesting vacation rental destinations. However, it is a scenic area that is a drivable distance away from major cities in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

I think this continues to demonstrate the broad perspective Arrived is taking in sourcing its vacation rental properties. It’s not just single family houses in major tourist cities.

Additionally, Arrived was named Startup Of The Year by Geekwire, a newsletter website focused on startups and major technology companies from the Pacific Northwest.


In a Tweet, the Forbes Financial Council announced its newest member – FranShares’ Founder and CEO, Kenny Rose. In the tweet, they referred to him as a “true leader in the industry.”

From our quick research, the council seems to be mostly an exclusive professional network. While it doesn’t seem to have any power or formal functions to perform, it’s still exciting to see the broader financial industry acknowledging the innovation from the alternative investment space.


Homebase, a newer fractional real estate investing platform built on top of the blockchain announced their first dividend distributions to the earliest investors on the platform. A total of about $600 of payouts were given to investors in The Cardinal property.


Mainvest announced on Twitter that they had entered into a new partnership with the Massachusetts Brewers Guild. According to the landing page, there have already been 14 breweries from the region that have raised funds on the platform so far.


Rally announced that they added support for voting being done directly through the investment platform. This came just in time as the platform also received a new buyout offer for their Faubourg Birkin bag offering. According to their email, the buyout offer of $175K represents a 16.7% gain from the asset’s IPO price.


As reported by Democratizing.Finance, StartEngine had another successful exit this week as Monogram Orthopedics debuted on the NASDAQ under the ticker MGRM.

Shares were initially offered at $7.25, but the stock has so far handily outperformed that. After reaching a high of $48.99, the stock seems to be stabilizing in the range of $11 – $13.50, closing the week at $12.70. Even off its highs, investors in Monogram’s StartEngine Reg A+ raise are still up 3X from their initial investment.

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