How To Be A Shareholder In The Future Of Investing Right Now


Some companies are trailblazing in the investment world. They’re changing how people invest and making entire asset classes accessible to retail investors for the first time. A special subset of these companies are allowing regular people to participate in their fundraising process and have a stake in their future success.

Last updated August 3, 2023.

Ongoing Raises

Below is a list of companies with innovative investment products or platforms that you can invest in right now. This will be updated semi-frequently on a best effort basis.


Arrived is a well-known real estate crowdfunding platform. They’re raising a small amount of funds on Wefunder. They have a $100M pre-money valuation.

Elevate Money

Elevate Money is a newer fractional real estate investing platform, with some unique upcoming offerings. They’re raising funds on Wefunder with a $20M valuation cap ($15M for early bird investors).


Finlete is a platform for fractional investments into the future earnings potential of professional athletes.

Finlete just launched their fundraise on Wefunder. They’re offering a convertible note at a $6M valuation cap.

Small Change

Small change is a real estate crowdfunding platform with a focus on creating positive impact and enabling diverse developers. All listings must meet at least 60% of the criteria in their Small Change Index in order to be listed on the platform.

Small Change is raising funds on WeFunder. The first $250K invested will be at a $9M valuation cap with a 20% discount rate. Investments made after $250K will be at a $10M valuation cap. They reported $121K in revenue in 2021 with aspirations to cross $10M in revenue within 5 years.


StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform. Companies looking to raise funds will list on their platform.

StartEngine is doing their fundraise on their own platform. They’re raising at a $1.32B valuation after having previously crowdfunded $59M.

Closed Raises


Doorvest is working to build a passive experience for buying and owning a rental property. Among others, property selection, renovation, and property management are all handled by Doorvest. After a property match has been made, you’ll still need to secure your own financing with a lender though.

Doorvest is raising funds with a $60M valuation cap on WeFunder. The current equity crowdfunding campaign does not provide revenue figures. A past SEC filing from about 1 year ago shows $1.84M of revenue. The company reports being on track to 3X from 2021, potentially implying revenue of around $5.5M.


EquityMultiple is a real estate crowdfunding platform for accredited investors with a focus on commercial real estate projects.

EquityMultiple is on WeFunder raising funds. The first $2M invested will be at a $75M valuation. After the $2M mark is reached, investors will receive a $90M valuation. EquityMultiple reported almost $8.5M in revenue in 2021. That figure is more than double the roughly $4.2M in revenue they reported for 2020. They hope to use the funds to increase the investor base 4X and reach $1B in total investments made on the platform by 2024.


Groundfloor allows investors to own $10 pieces of high-yield, secured real estate debt. We have a full overview of Groundfloor if you’d like to learn more about how the platform works.

Groundfloor is raising at a $243.4M valuation on WeFunder. In the last year they had $11.2M of revenue from 200,000 users. Groundfloor has been experiencing rapid growth reporting their revenue has grown at a compound annual rate of 62% since 2018. To date, they’ve had over $800M invested on the platform.

For a limited time, you can earn a $50 bonus by signing up with our Groundfloor referral link and investing $100 ($10 bonus after).


Here provides the ability to invest in fractionalized short-term vacation rental properties (think Airbnb listings).

They are raising without a valuation cap and with a 15% discount on WeFunder. Here indicates their extrapolated (“run rate”) revenue is $3M. The amount of revenue earned thus far is likely far less, but could reach $3M if they continued at their current pace. There is strong demand for Here’s product offering with more than 50,000 people on the waitlist. The company hopes to grow to 500,000 active members by the end of 2023.

Here is a first mover in fractional investing of short term vacation rentals. In a potential sign of a strong market, competition is already picking up.


Mainvest is a crowdfunding platform connecting investors to small and local businesses. The platform vets and lists deals, investors provide the businesses capital, and investors receive regular payments through a revenue share. After a certain amount, such as 1.5X the initial investment, or a specified amount of time is reached, the investment is fully paid back and complete.

This structure allows businesses to access funds without high interest rate debt. The larger and faster the revenue of the business grows, the quicker and better rate of return investors receive. This aligns the incentives of investors with the business.

Mainvest is raising funds on Republic. They are raising at a $15M valuation cap with a 0% discount rate. Based on Maintvest’s filings, they had just under $500K in revenue in their 2022 fiscal year. They believe the business may become profitable in the second half of 2023.


Songvest has the first SEC-qualified offering allowing for fractional ownership of music royalties. In other words, Songvest lets you purchase “shares” of music catalogs. When those songs are streamed, you’ll earn passive income.

They are raising funds on their website at a $15M valuation cap for the first $750K invested ($20M valuation cap after). Songvest indicates they’re on track to breach the $1M revenue threshold by year end.


Tribevest is an all-in-one group investing platform.

They will facilitate LLC formation, transferring funds, financial tracking, voting/management, and document storage. This makes it easy for a group to begin pooling money together to purchase larger-ticket items like rental properties.

Tribevest is raising up to $10,000,000 on WeFunder. Their raising at a $20M valuation. Tribevest had ~$176K of revenue last year from over 15,000 investors who deployed $30M of funds through the platform.

Things To Remember

Investing in startups can help support companies and causes you believe in, as well as potentially provide meaningful returns. That having been said, there are some important things to remember.

There is often no liquidity available for these types of investments. You must hold the entire investment for an unknown period of time. It could be 10 years or more until there is an exit if there ever is one. Investing in startups and private equity involves a high degree of risk. It is not only possible, but somewhat common to lose the entire value of an individual investment.

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