Here’s First Quarterly Performance Results Are In


Depicts a vacation home by the water. Used as a cover image for an article discussing the Q4 performance of Here's short term vacation rental offerings.

Now that it’s been nearly one year since Here’s first offering launched, we finally have some data on the performance of their offerings. In a series of emails to investors, Here gave updates on the performance from Q4 2022.

Q4 Results

They reported data for 7 different properties, with only 3 being fully active for the entire quarter. Sunburst, Enchantment, and Mendocino were available for bookings the entirety of the period from October 1 – December 13. Moonridge, Hacienda, Tanglewood, and Avenida were partially active.

In aggregate, Here claims to have distributed almost $43,000 in dividends from these 7 properties. They generated an average yield of 4.3% with an average appreciation just shy of 4% as well.

While appreciation may average around 4%, the performance between properties varied wildly. Moonridge’s property value declined about 0.75%, while Tanglewood was estimated to have appreciated by 34.5%. We may get more insight into Tanglewood’s surging valuation later this year. Arrived Homes will also provide updated appreciation estimates for two Blue Ridge, GA vacation rental offerings.

You can see a graph the reported yields by property below:

What’s Coming Next?

Here is expecting to have 1-2 offerings available per month for the foreseeable future. The Mountaineer property in Blue Ridge, Georgia was January’s offering. Based on their latest filing, it looks like February will see an offering from Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It appears to be a newly constructed 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Sunrise Beach.

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